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Published: 18th July 2011
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I did not enjoy the makeup of my nose and I have been walking with my head down ever since university days and all I sought was to have a nose job. And surgical procedure was the only alternative i've and since like everybody, even celebs are as well up for it, I thought why not? Hence, I was saving for quite some time for it and I was about to go below the knife but I am also to a certain extent cautious because of the hurt it can cost me, until a acquaintance introduced me to a link that altered my life. We were having a chat through the net and we were talking options for nose surgery and then he presented to me a website that talks bout something in relation to nose improvement, substitute to nose surgery and the beauty device is known as Nose Magic.

In the beginning, I was thinking there is no sense that little item can perform any enhancement or any change on my nose? However, the website has all the clarification on how it shapes the nose and there are testimonials. I was like, okay it appears compelling but I was still not very influenced. So I said no, I don't believe it will be that easy. But my buddy said why won't you give it a test, it's merely 14.95 plus its money back guarantee. And through that assurance with what they are advertising, it must be real. So I agreed to pay money for it and gave it a shot.

I started using nose magic. I have been placing it on my nose each evening for 15 to thirty minutes. At first, my nose felt anesthetized after 15 minutes but then it wears off eventually and I actually felt that my nose has been reshaped and was hoping the next sunrise that there will be changes. But not any ofcourse. I have been putting it on my nose conscientiously for about 7 days for it states results will be noticeable around two weeks.

I was placing it on my nose each night after I rinse my face or when I read a book, or even just when relaxing. And it was kind of addicting for the reason that everyday you would truly sense like your nose is being fixed. Around 2 weeks, my nose got slenderer; the round profile of my nose changed from a badly spherical to an oval form with slighter hole and my nose bridge started to be straighter than before. I was very staggered what this exceptionally minute thing can carry out!

I was incredibly hyped to disclose the effects to my friend and stated to him that I will obtain one for him. He also started to enjoy nose magic. It has been 2 months after I experimented on nose magic and my nose appeared like I had a rhinoplasty done. Its badly magnificent what this little article can carry out! I extremely commend nose magic to folks who are still thinking of going for surgical procedure. There is an substitute that will charge you less than what surgical procedure can price you. I was talking to people with confidence and it felt healthy. I'm better looking at the present than before and there is a lot more confidence in me.

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